O Pasmadinho de Maria Pó faz-me feliz

Acabo de conhecer o Pasmadinho, criação de Maria Pó. A minha primeira reação foi sorrir. O Pasmadinho faz-me sorrir. Tão bom!
Ao vê-lo pela primeira vez tive muita vontade de conhecer a sua história. Pesquisei na internet e cheguei à página do Facebook de Maria Pó que, na verdade, é Elsa Rodrigues.
Assim que acabei de ler a história de Maria Pó o meu impulso foi de traduzi-la para português. Mas depois pensei que ia perder força. A forma como está escrita… com tanta alma… não se pode escrever de outra forma, nem mesmo apenas para traduzir.

“It all started in 2007, the year in which a humble Portuguese artist and her family suffered the zenith of the European economic crisis in their own home.
No one wanted to buy artistic handmade pottery, anymore. There were just a few blocks of clay left and no money to invest in the small family business. The feeling of frustration and impotence regarding that distressing situation and the artist’s critical look over society led her to start molding little statues representing the ‘blindness’ and idleness of the people towards the economic and political state of the country.
Although at the time she didn’t believe in the power of those small creatures, because the artist herself was starting to feel like the rest of the folk, luckily and prophetically, her Polish husband, the painter Jacek Piątkiewicz made her see that they were magical, and could help restore the balance of the family budget. And there they were, witnessing the astonishing birth of the first Pasmadinho.
Pasmadinhos are still a great help for the family and have turned out to be their main breadwinner. They have been such a source of transformation, that the artist Elsa Rodrigues embodies Maria Pó while she is making them.”

Having a Masters Degree in Artistic Ceramics, taken at Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Art (MGHPU), she is actively integrated in the Portuguese art scene. Her inspiration, taken from her rich life-experience and self interpretation of the surrounding reality, makes her continuously invent and produce unique little works of art designed to please the beautiful people from all around the world.

Elsa Rodrigues é portuguesa e vive em Setúbal. Vejo o seu talento como um motivo de orgulho para todos nós, portugueses. Maravilhoso!
“Passei e fiquei encantada com o seu talento.”

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